Hmmm.... Something about this blog at blogspot cannot make me drop and leave it even though I have been busy elsewhere, not to mention another one in which I have been experimenting.

Why then? Let's see:

  1. Akin to first love? Something that lingers after the initial excitement has long gone? After all, this is the first blog I've had, tragedy aside...
  2. Monetary reason for it's easier to put adSense? (as if I have benefited from it...)
  3. A challenging template system? It does keep me interested in mark-up language.
  4. A wishful thinking and anticipation that maybe, just maybe, the apps supporting it will get a decent "material design"-ised touch? Very likely!
  5. --added-- Another wishful thinking that the official templates will get responsive!

Whatever it was or is, with these retouches I did, I think I will stay here for a while...